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Adventurer's Lament.

You know, I've often wondered about something for a long time, a certain element in stories of heroes and adventurers. When the story comes to an end. We all just assume that the adventurer simply goes back to their old life, the hero simply hangs up the helmet and vanishes into the general population and lives as normal.

But that always felt WRONG to me. How could you just go back to BEING NORMAL after questing across the world? After donning the mantle of hero, you just go back to being Joe nobody...

That makes ZERO sense to me. I mean certainly there are those that can't return to "normal" right? What happens to those guys? What if they try to go back to "normal" but "normal" is now so alien they just...can't?

I can say I can kind of relate. I got to be as close to an adventurer as one can be, and got forced to hang up my proverbial sword long before I wanted to and now, everything just seems so dull and unappealing. I hate being a civilian. The idea of working for some corporation or another until I'm 65 ACTIVLY turns my stomach.

The world expects me to act one way, and that way is contrary to my very nature. I don't know what to do. I don't think I can DO what the world wants, what society wants of me. I STILL want to be out there, adventuring, but now I lack an organization to send me out there. So I'm stuck in this unforgiving limbo, and nary a quest marker or an exit sign to point the way out.

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