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Hololive Mori Calliope and the failure of Sarkesian thought.

Alright shipmates, listen up!

This past April 1st an incident occurred that got Twitter Users collective panties in a twist.

While pearl-clutching from Twitter is nothing new, the incident that caused the outrage is.

The incident in question being a series of Tweets posted by on Mori Calliope of Hololive EN Gen 1.

The issue these Twitter users apparently had stemmed from the fact that Callie decided to embrace April Fools by posting under the guise of altered persona known as C-MAN or YUNG SHINIGAMI BOI. The manner of "speech" calli used for the persona as well as a snipet of lyrics used in an April Fools video were considered to be of a racist nature by several Twitter Users.

Some even went as far as accusing Calli herself of being a full-fledged racist! Want to know what their evidence for making such a claim was? The aforementioned April Fools Day gag, and ONE post from back in 2017 early on in Calli's lyric writing days and long before she joined Hololive.

Of course the normal Bullshit ensued with calls to have Calli forcibly "graduated" from Hololive due to these TWO, SINGULAR, posts.

Mind you, this is only TWO data points over a nearly TWO THOUSAND day observational period. If this were a scientific hypothesis it would be a failed one, and a spectacularly failed one at that.

Two minor instances of someone being edgy does not a racist make. This is nothing more than the most recent display of a school of thought that is flawed in grand fashion.

This idea that "EVERYTHING is racist, EVERYTHING is sexist, EVERYTHING is [x]-phobic..." that was put forward YEARS ago by Anita Sarkesian is FUNDAMENTALLY FLAWED, and do you know why?

It's because 99.9% of people living in First-World Nations are not these things. I hate to break the news to all of you but, genuine racists are a MINORITY. Genuine sexists are a minority. People who have an irrational hatred for others based solely on immutable characteristics ARE. A. MINORITY.


Normal people don't weave racist/sexist/etc messages into everything they create.

Normal people don't act in a racist/sexist/etc manner on a daily basis.

That isn't how reality works.

If you honestly believe that racism/sexism/whathaveyou-ism/phobia is everywhere then that is all you will ever see!

It's like going into a dark room and finding the black cat that isn't actually there. This isn't critical thinking, it's RELIGIOUS thinking at best, cultish thinking at worst.

Get some help. Stop trying to ruin other people lives just because your mind has been hijacked by a toxic belief system! It's wrong! You have been duped by toxic, villainous individuals and I feel pity for you. It's time to stop allowing yourself to be fed these poisonous lies that only serve to set us at each other's throats!

It's time these people who seek to divide us are stopped, because as far as I'm concerned there is only one race, the HUMAN RACE, and it's time we started treating each other with some common human decency. Kamen Rider Sailor,

Over and Out.

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