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So, some backstory. Back in VERY Early 2016 I was diagnosed with Bipolar II Disorder. It's a mood disorder and this diagnosis got me shit-canned from the Navy and life has been a living Hell since my official Discharge (Honorable, Medical Retirement) in May of 2017. I lost my clearance due to this diagnosis and a good paying Info Tech contractor job along with it, missing paperwork OPM claimed. It has taken over THREE years of study and speaking with people who DO have the disorder,

to give me the incentive to get a second opinion. The appointment has come and gone and this doc says that I DO NOT present any symptoms of Bipolar. I REPEAT: I DO NOT present any symptoms of Bipolar Disorder.

This of course means that the initial diagnosis was FALSE. A Misdiagnosis that ruined my life for nearly four years. I would STILL be on Active Duty to this day if I had not been diagnosed with that cursed disorder. I have missed NINE opportunities at advancement as of the time of this writing. NINE. All of my peers who are still in the Military have advanced on to higher Enlisted position, or have become commissioned officers. I would still have my clearance and be working a job I enjoy and look forward to everyday. Granted there is further work to do, like going in to do on site psychiatric testing and speaking with more psychiatric professionals to officially get the prior diagnosis ruled as false.

Even after that I'm going to need the assistance of good lawyers to right the sinking ship that is my life. I just hope that all this can be resolved in enough time. I want to return to active duty. I miss the Navy, it was one of the few places I felt like I belonged.

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